Supplier Scouting and Qualification

Global sourcing is a strategic approach to meet the requirements of modern procurement such as the use of global procurement sources in order to benefit from advantages in cost and technologies. This is key to be competitive in nowadays environment not only for big players but also for medium sized companies.

The use of global procurement markets opens opportunities to reduce cost significantly as well as access to new technologies, markets and resources. At the same time, this means new challenges such as increasing complexity, currency fluctuations and political instability. However, the use of new global procurement markets also opens access to new markets which can be of highly relevant for sales.

We have many years of experience in the fields of supplier qualification, quality assurance, logistics and in legal and currency matters. Our company can ensure a professional service through profound market knowledge and local language skills.

We provide you the access to international procurement markets. Our focus in on the markets in Asia. Since 2014 we have been working in a close collaboration with our partners in China, in 2017 we opened our location in Qingdao/China, whereby we have relevant experience in the Chinese market, in the qualification of suppliers and quality assurance on side.