Strategic Realignment

Strategic realignment of the company

You are planning a strategic realignment in operations or even across several plants or companies?

You would like to change the corporate culture and include the management in it as well as every last one of your employees?

In our own operational responsibilities and also on behalf of many of our clients, we have led major process optimization projects successfully and changed them sustainably and “measureably”. (small and medium-sized companies as well as group structures)


Did you know, that a change process means 40% changes in processes and Structures and 60% cultural changes?


Our experience has shown that the main challenge is not the introduction of new processes and structures during a strategic realignment, but getting the employees and the management on board, training them and helping them develop. The mission and the vision of the company as a statement of faith also plays a major role in strategic realignment.

With our partners specialized in your core competences, we offer you solutions with the following focuses so that you can implement your strategic realignment successfully and make it part of your daily business.

With you and your team, we compile and evaluate your core competencies and innovations. We carry out market analyses if necessary, taking into consideration your group-wide strategy. We plan your long-term strategy and develop the mission and vision – both for you and with you, while considering technical and economic aspects and involving employees and methods.

Depending on what you prefer, we lead your kick-off event in-house or at an external venue to get your management on board and start on the path towards your vision and mission together. The mission and vision are introduced to the next levels gradually so that they are rolled out to the whole company step by step.

In cooperation with your employees, we analyze your core processes (process organization) and redevelop them using the methods of Lean Management and Six Sigma. Subsequently we adapt these to the structures (organizational structure) accordingly.

Your employees gain an understanding of the new structures and processes by working with them in our workshops. We frequently carry out various campaigns about the company’s vision during its implementation for lasting awareness of the new vision within the company.

By implementing methods like Lean & Six Sigma, expert knowledge, social skills and leadership skills, we develop your organization and employees towards becoming a performance organization (implementation of performance management).


Strategische Neuausrichtung des Unternehmens


Our services in the field of strategic realignment:

  • Implementing and leading major realignment projects, both within the company and group-wide
  • Aligning the value stream of large group structures from the supplier to the customer on an international level
  • Management consulting
  • Project Selection Workshops according the methods of Lean & Six Sigma
  • Training and coaching to increase the ability and willingness to implement new processes


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