Business Excellence

Business Excellence

Your organization is already well developed and highly profitable. A strategy and thus the long-term orientation are established, and philosophies like Lean Management and Six Sigma are alive in your daily business – and yet, you still are not the benchmark of the industry!


Perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


In close cooperation with you, we create a concept for the development towards Business Excellence. To make sure that the required knowledge is available in your company, we draw on the expertise and experience of our partners and involve them.

As part of the business excellence check, we screen your company extensively, detect problems and evaluate each area in regard to development. In this way we get an idea of the maturity level of Business Excellence in your company.

Depending on the maturity level of your company, we determine with you the speed, measures and tools we or you will have for implementation. Together we create a milestone plan that depicts the long-term implementation of the philosophy.

The concept creation for your long-term alignment focuses on the basic criteria of Business Excellence:

  • Customer orientation
  • Result orientation
  • Value stream orientation (including partnerships with suppliers)
  • Development and involvement of employees
  • Leading
  • Processes and facts
  • Social responsibility


 You decide whether to take on the control and implementation of the concept on the path towards Business Excellence or to carry out implementation with us. As a matter of course, our partners and we will be available all along the way, also offering support on special topics or sub-areas.

Set out on a non-stop journey towards Business Excellence – where success springs from constantly improving processes that are reviewed and refined continuously and systematically.


Der Weg zu Business Excellence


Our services on your journey towards Business Excellence

  • Concept creation for the realization of Business Excellence
  • Business Excellence Check
  • Project Selection Workshops
  • Realization of special topics of the Business Excellence areas of customer orientation, employee orientation, and result orientation
  • Strategy development
  • Involvement of the Lean & Six Sigma philosophy
  • Implementation of a performance management system
  • Training and coaching to increase the ability and willingness to implement new processes
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