DMADV – What is DMADV?

DMADV is a popular DFSS method (Design for Six Sigma) for restructuring processes for old and new products and services.

DMADV is an acronym consisting of the initial letters of the individual process steps in project realization.

-          Define (Define project goals and customer needs)

-          Measure (Measure and determine customer needs and specifications)

-          Analyze (Analyze process opportunities to meet customer needs)

-          Design (Design the processes to meet customer needs)

-          Verify (Guarantee the design service to meet customer needs)


Lean & Six Sigma works with certain methods and tools which can be assigned to each individual project phase of DMADV.

(Extract of tools: project flow chart, SIPOC, CTQ tree, Process simulation, Benchmark, House of Quality, statistical methods, Anova, FMEA, decision matrix, control charts etc.)

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